Most customers have a few questions about the equipment options, and the application of them on there boat.Below are a few common questions, feel free to call/e-mail us with questions regarding your specific needs. (239) 340-5260 or Oceanworksmarine@gmail.com

What size A/c (Btu) does my boat need?(The tech answer is  Length x width x hieght x 14  then factor out major cabinet/bed/seating and factor in heat loss due to windows. That said, a general example of sizing is...

Boats 24-26 = 6,000 Btu     Boats 26-27 = 9,000 Btu

Boats 27-30 = 12,000 Btu        Boats 30-36 = 16,000 Btu

Some variables are longer fishing style boats with very small cabins, catermerans with double hull and center space, larger boats with multiple cabins, heads, galley,and cockpit areas. in these boats its an overall picture with a/c systems assisting each other.

Does the boat have to come out of the water to have a/c installed? (Part of the a/c install requires a thru hull for the seawater to cool the a/c unit. some boats may already have one available,but if not the answer is yes. Unless Its a on a Lift,  tralior, or kept in a high n dry (in some cases the thru hull can be installed while the boat is in the water...This Requires a diver.)

How long does it take to Install an a/c system?

What areas of Florida do you Cover?

Can my boats current a/c panel handle the new a/c system?

My system turns on and runs but its not cooling? Has a code flashing HPF?

Can i just buy an A/C system and parts from you and do it myself?

How much is it to just replace the A/C system?

Where does the A/C system go in the boat?

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